Welcome To The Unofficial Coastermania 2000 Page!

These pictures from Coastermania 2000 highlight my journey to enlightenment courtesy of the Coaster Zombies!
The date was June 2nd, in the year of Our Lord 2000.
The setting, Cedar Point Park.
We were about to ride the baddest roller coaster on the Planet...

Millennium Force!

Coastermania is held each year at Cedar Point Park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Ominous looking...isn't it?

Cleveland skyline

That's a big coaster! And look at that freaking drop!

This the line to get in?! At 6:45am!?!

On our way to the M.F., we pass the Power Tower which scares the hell out of us quite frankly.

We eventually worked up the courage to ride and it was NOT disappointing!

Nice picture of the Millennium Force riders on final approach. Thoroughly satisfied!

Deploying the next car.

Kirk is ready to ride!

Your brain on M.F.

Magnum XL-200! Used to think it was pretty big...

It was an abrupt stop at the end of the ride.

The Raptor...one of my personal favorites.

We bought this picture from the photo booth...worth every penny!

Amy won this hat in a break-dancing contest!! Congrats Amy!

Twilight at Cedar Point.

That would be what's left of our party (and our bodies) after 18+ hours at Cedar Point...

Silly me, I nearly forgot the best ride at the park!!

The ladies actually had a room at the park's hotel.

It took some fast talking, but we eventually got them into bed with us!

Rollin' out. I honestly don't remember clutching my balls like that while the picture was being taken. Oh wait, thats my cigs!

...Not to be outdone, the next day we travelled to Six Flags and rode the coasters there! Hi Georg!! There were 4 new coasters this year.

This is Batman, the floorless coaster.

It has some wicked loops and turns (not pictured).

Another new coaster was Superman. Here it is as the car passes us while we were standing line.

Launched to twisted heights

Georg and I are about through with amusement parks...

Nice cars in Ohio.

Kirk, the Coaster Zombie that got me in the park and introduced me to Georg and Amy.

Georg (before riding the M.F. for the first time).

It is second to none.

It's the bomb, baby!

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