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These pictures from Coastermania 2003 highlight our continued adventures at Cedar Point and Beyond!
The date was June 6nd, in the year of Our Lord 2003.
The setting, Cedar Point Park.
We were about to ride the baddest roller coaster on the Planet...

The Top Thrill Dragster!

Unfortunately, it was down for maintenance :(

Coastermania is held each year at Cedar Point Park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Amy fixed us dinner after our long flight and drive from Cleveland

5 something AM waiting in line….still can’t figure out why we were smiling!

Hey…if the glove fits…wear it!

Ok…its light out now…time for some fun!

Too bad there were no real giraffes in the park!

spoke too soon!

They call themselves….The Three Musketeers!!

A Motley Crew to be sure


Georg is really liking that dear

And the llamas aren’t so bad either!

This dude was just disgusting

…and this one….butt ugly!!

Kirk somehow talked the rent-a-car lady into giving us a convertible!

It was a cool ride….

…Pleanty of head and leg room!

This ride is a tradition for us during our Cedar Point visits…after all…Top Thrill was down

I was selected to start the NASPIG races at the drive thru zoo!

The pigs are spooked by guns, so I just got to wave this green flag


And that concludes this most exciting pictorial essay

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