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This is feedback from my good buddy Kirk! He's a great guy...really!

Was that your rental car I saw parked outside the Rijks?
That was Chuck's car, I drove a Jaguar most of the time (but didn't want to scratch it in Spain).

That ship at the Rijks looked a little small. Are the Europeans shorter than you?
Small! I thought it was huge!

Was there any shit left in Ann Frank's toilet?
...there was after I took that photo...no public WC in the A.F. Museum!

Those people weren't really gonna' jump off the Bridge over the Sine were they?
Yes. Watching them fall to their death was more fun than the bullfights! Bummer they missed the tour boat...

"Compliments of Egypt, (15th Century)", you sure you didn't take these pictures down in D.C?
Ok, you caught me, I was actually in Egypt.

The Cite, that looks more like Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles.
Dunno, it was really hard to figure out the metro system there...

The Eiffel Tower #2 looks a little small too. I bet they are smaller.
Alright motherfucker, enough of that short people shit!

Love that ferris wheel. Hey..., who's the nude woman in front?
Hehe...its yo mama!

You're right, awesome view.
Thanks! Sorry 'bout that "yo mama" stuff...

"The City!", yike's, looks more like a shanty town.
Well, we are talking about Paris aren't we? (Sorry if that joke offended any of my French visitors. I assure you that I have the utmost respect for you and your country.)

Yes, Paris is the "City of Love". So, what were you doing there?
Umm...no comment...

Cemetery... Who's Jim Morrison?

Why is everyone walking around San Fermin with there mouths open?
The natives of the Navarra region of Spain must endure wide variations of temperature and humidity levels. Consequently, they have developed unique methods of regulating their body temperature. During the hot summer days they open their mouths while exhaling to expose special heat radiating glands.

Who's the tall guy with the beard?
Someone who wants to get to know you a little better Kirk ;)

Doesn't that guy on the horse with two legs know he's gonna' get sued for hitting people on the head?
Only in America my friend! Besides, he only attacks the small children.

Shit, who's the really tall woman?
I didn't check, but I think thats a guy dude...

I suppose they don't know when to take the Christmas lights down in the Plaza De Castillo?
I thought the same thing dude! And isn't that a pharmacy symbol on the gazebo? What up!?

Do you think Chuck should have had stuff squirting into his mouth like that? Seems fishy to me...
Did I mention that Chuck has connections with the Eastern Shore Mob? I'm sure he'll be in touch...

Lomo..., is that cooked?
Now thats a good question. All I know is they hang it from the ceilings...maybe it bakes in the Sun.

You ran with the bulls, you sure you aren't slinging alot of it?
Hey! I challenge you to find even one person who will dispute my stories!

I guess the people thought that fireworks running dude was a hot enchalada?

Do the people take their pants down before taking a shit in San Fermin???
How do you think they wipe their ass? No TP in europe...anywhere...you get used to it.

Are those horses dragging those people thru the bull fighting ring?
Only if the bull wins!

The Matador "courts" his beast. Gee, shouldn't the bull be facing the other way then?
No, the matador is facing the wrong direction.

Who are the guys sweeping up at the end, the bull ain't gonna' poop anymore!!
If some dude rammed a sword into your back you can bet you'd shit your pants! So does the bull...

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