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These pictures of Pamplona, Spain were taken July 7 - 14th, 1999 during the annual San Fermin Festival

The San Fermin Festival '99

There is always a parade to follow

They are really cool

This dude bops kids on the head with his padded weapon!

Some people will do anything for a few Pesetas

The center of the Plaza De Castillo

A government building

One of Pamplona's famous churches

Here's another...

A battered monument (they all are...)

That waiter taught us the proper way to drink from our wine sacks...

...Chuck gives us a demo


...and paella!

The old fort in the center of town

The route of the bull run (and YES, we ran with the bulls!)

This dude was running down the street with fireworks on his back!

This is what you look like after a few days in Pamplona during San Fermin!

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