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Roots of the Cohee Family
Caroline County, Maryland

I believe that my family is decended from Govid Cohee (or Govesy Cohee).
He was born around 1802; died on September 8, 1873; and is buried in Friendship Cemetery, Caroline County, Maryland.

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Govid Cohee's Family Tree
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Selected pages from Collision and Cohee Families: Maryland and Delaware to Many States

by Hilda Chance, 1977, Liberty PA

Origins of the Cohee surname
Theory My Analysis
Orange Irish from
northern Ireland
The Whitesides are listed in early census records as being Orange Irish and from Killead Parish, Antrim, Ireland. I believe that story is from their side of the family.
Hartís Irish Pedigree
Derived from Coen
The passage from John O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees mentions Coen and Cohen, not Cohee, on page 380/381. I remain skeptical.
Tuckahoe / Cohee Sign
Sky Line Drive, VA
This is also in the Wiki. I don't know what to make of this.
French, English, or German Origin I'm trying to find some English roots, but have few leads. I believe there are some emigration records for Cohees from England.
Lord Baltimore combined
Cooke and Heenan
Supposedly supported by the will of Benedict Brice that mentions James Cohee. However, Benedict's daughter Mary Brice was married to James Cooke, not Cohee.
Govesy hijacked the
Cohee surname
He couldn't read or write apparently, but his sons clearly considered themselves to be Cohees. The 1840 census shows him as Gove Coey.

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Articles from the Denton Journal, 1897 and 1930

John O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees (pdf)

Maryland 1778 Census (pdf)

Norris E Cohee summary (image)

Norris E Cohee Ahnentafel (MS Word 2010 document)

Govid Cohee line (text)

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