YO! Welcome to my Pictures Of Reno Page!

Sharon and I had a fun time in the casinos during our visit in September, 2003

Welcome to Reno...the Biggest Little City In The World ;)

This was the view from my hotel window...33rd floor!

another view of the skyline

Rage says "HI"

There were "balloon races" every morning I was there :)

now down to street level! in between the pubs and liquor stores are little wedding chapels

this is the river that started it all. some dude set up a river crossing here in the ancient past

note the alien rock formations in the river o_O

...matches the strange plantlife

Yoda is a cute kitty!

Sharon actually had to work...here are pics she took from her helicopter ride

...and another, pilot included

for all you Reno 911 fans!

here is an actual picture of Sharon, hanging w/ our bud Gibby

Bye! Glad you came!

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