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Goodbye MD, Hello FL Uncle Paul Tribute Inner Harbor 2021
2020 Desert Adventures 2020 March for Trump DC 2020 Million MAGA March DC
2020 Whitehouse Garden Tour 2020 DC Fireworks 2019 Trip to LA
2016 Bathroom Renovations 2016 Udvar-Hazy Museum 2015 Niagara Falls
2014 Bathroom Renovations 2015 Cherry Blossoms old Smith farm 2015
Colorized Historic Photos 2014 trip to NYC 2013 Comic Con in Philly
2013 Trip to Florida 2013 Trip to Jamestown Settlement 2012 Comic Con in Philly
2012 Trip to the National Zoo 2010 European excursion w/ Gib Sanity or Phear?
2010 Trip to Florida with Chuck 11/2008 Trip to NYC with Greg & Jen 2008 Home Renovations
2008 Trip to Key West with Chuck Luray Caverns with Gibby and Donna SSPP Reunion
Gib's Computer Trip to Reno with Sharon Fried Turkey Adventures
Coastermania 2000 with the Coaster Zombies Coastermania 2003 with the Coaster Zombies Chuck and Gary's European Adventure!
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