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01 Powhatan village
02 Powhatan hut
03 Barbara snapping shots
04 cannon
05 governors house
06 tabacco
07 susan or sarah constant
08 Barbara and Brenda on the Godspeed
09 ship kitchen
10 cooks bed
11 chicken
12 me
13 church
14 church
15 church tower
16 cellar excavation
17 John Smith
18 jamestown fort
19 well

On May 14, 1607, after a circuitous voyage of 144 days, 104 male employees of the Virginia Company of London established a colony on Jamestown Island. They eventually befriended some local Indians, including Pocahontas.
Many words of the Indian's language, Algonquian (Algonkian), are still in use today.
Jamestown Island was a pretty dreadful place to settle in some regards as 66 of the 104 settlers died during the first year.